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What a show!

The highest spring tides in Europe

The moon acts as a magnet on the oceans. its force of attractions is twice as strong as that of the sun.

The sea advances and retreats twice a day with a time shift of 50 minutes each day. When the moon is above the sea, it attracts the water towards it and so the sea level rises and the tide comes in. 

Six hours later, the moon is no longer above the sea and the force of attraction disappears. The tide then goes out. The power of the force varies depending on the positions of the sun and moon respectively in relation to the earth. When the three are aligned the attraction is at its peak. This is the time of the high tide. During this period the sea advances and retreats the farthest.


The very highest tides occur in March and September, coinciding with the equinoxes. A high tide is one with a score of 95 to 120(highest tide)

The height of the tide, the variation in level from when the tide is in or out, is exceptional here: for example 12 metres in the Bay of Saint Malo and more than 16 metres in the Bay of Mont Saint michel, whereas the average worldwide is just 2 metres!